Pasta Hostess

Experience. Authentic. Italian. Food.

The Story

Pasta Hostess came to life by a number of great events in my life.

First and foremost is my Italian-Canadian heritage. Both sets of grandparents emigrated to Canada and I was blessed to learn the love of cooking in the Italian style from my nonnas (Italian for grandmothers) and my own mother. I was fortunate to be a guest cook at a friend’s cooking studio, and as circumstances happen, I had to rethink how I would offer classes when her home/studio was up for sale.  Another friend offered her home as an alternate site, and from that gem of an idea, Pasta Hostess came into full force as a business venture, and it’s been love from first “site”.

Pasta Hostess gives people a chance to learn how easy it is to make fresh, homemade pasta, and enjoy learning while doing it, in the company of their own friends, family, co-workers, whoever the host / hostess wants to invite. That’s all there is to it: creating fresh pasta and other homemade Italian food at the touch of your own hands. It doesn’t get any better than that.